At Delaney's, we work hard to be sure you get a quality plant.  Any of the plant professionals scattered throughout the greenhouse—Laura, Shane, Lynn, and of course, Twila—can help you select the perfect plant for you or create a mixed planter that will be the envy of your neighbors.  When they are not with you discussing ideas, our plant professionals are hand watering, deadheading, and watching for potential problems to keep everything in our greenhouses healthy. A healthy plant will be ready to grow once it is planted outside and will be less susceptible to disease.  That is why we grow our own annuals and vegetables—they are larger, fuller, and are not under stress from shipping or poor care.  


We are proud to say we grow the hanging baskets that grace the town of Polson every summer.  Many of our customers, the town of Polson included, order custom-made baskets or containers during the winter so that they are fully grown when it is time to take them home and hang on your front porch in the spring. Just call or come talk to us before we start them in February and we will have your baskets reserved for you whenever you are ready to come pick them up!  We will even deliver them if necessary for a small fee.


As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the plants you take home healthy, we ask that you do not bring sick plants inside the greenhouses.  Plants with diseases or insect infestations can contaminate the healthy plants in our greenhouses, so we don't take any chances.  This is for your protection as much as ours, because diseases and insects brought in on a new plant can and will spread to the rest of your landscape.


All of this means our plants aren't the cheapest you will find, but we simply aren't content with producing a mediocre product.


Delaney's Greenhouse: Flowers Ahead!