• Twila Delaney

Delaney Dollars!

It is time to use those Delaney Dollars so dilligently earned and saved this spring! Delaney Dollars are good between July 6 - August 1 and can be used up to 50% off any purchase! Now is the time to shop for some great bargains. We have Melissa & Doug summer toys, including lake play, sand box toys, sidewalk chalk, road-trip games, yard play, and camping gear. We also have a great selection of pottery, house plants, fertilizers, patio furniture and more. They can be used for any in-store purchase of retail goods. This includes nursery stock, perennials and the remaining annuals. Don't forget to use take advantage of this great promotion!

Delaney's Landscape Center, Inc.



Monday - Wednesday: 10:00 - 5:00

Friday: 10:00- 6:00

Saturday: 10:00- 3:00

Sunday: 12:00- 3:00

 40514 MT Hwy 35 

 Polson, MT 59860 

 (406) 883-2612 


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