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Tip of the Week

The tip this week is help preventing tomato blossom end rot we have been seeing quite a bit of this recently with changing weather patterns.So what are some preventives you might ask?Well for starters lets get some info the issue on it first off it is not a disease but rather a physiological problem with plant, its caused by a calcium imbalance in the plant itself.It usually occurs when we have had a wet spring growing season followed by heat and then more moisture when the fruit is settling.The tell tale sign is a browning enlarged water spot on the fruit itself. Other factors that can contribute to this are high nitrogen in the soil, soil PH balance either to high or to low. So in order to get big and beautiful tomatoes follow these east steps. Use fertilizers that are low in Nitrogen high in Phosphorus,maintain your soil at about 6.5 on the PH scale,and maintain a consistent level of soil moisture.If you have this problem already though we have the product to help you out from a range of organic fertilizers to are ferti-lome Yield Booster which is formulated to stop and prevent Blossom end rot. From all of us here at Garden center here happy harvesting


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