• Twila Delaney

Tip of the Week

A fall container garden is a great way to celebrate the season and freshen up outdoor décor. Gardeners like to say that container gardens include "thriller, spiller, and filler" plants-some that thrill, some that spill over the side, and some that fill in the gaps. Try ornamental or edible kales, asters, pansies, and violas; these are all plants that perform heartily in the cool weather, too.

When planning your fall container garden, think about:

  1. Location. Will your container be in the sun or shade?

  2. Hardy varieties. Plants that can handle the cold and keep looking beautiful.

  3. Complementary container. Think about the size and weight in relation to where you want to display your masterpiece. A small pot may be lost in a garden space, whereas a grouping of small pots or large pot makes a statement almost anywhere. Don't forget to ensure the container also has good drainage.

  4. The rule of odds. In design, odd numbers look more balanced in a display than even numbers, so plant three or five different varieties in a small container or three or five of the same plant in a larger display.

  5. Crowd. In the fall plants' growth slows a bit, so go for the instant gratification and cram those beauties in.

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