Let's Live Local!

Delaney's Landscape Center is a locally-owned and family run business. We believe that supporting local trade returns money to the community, bolstering its growth and keeping it healthy. Living locally also helps to increase our sustainability and allows us to track the origin and history of the products we buy. We do everything we can to live and run our business by this credo. To this end, we are proud to feature many local products, tradesmen, and artists.

Newly arrived and exclusively at Delaney's: Montana-grown seeds! These seeds are 100% produced in Montana, are all non-GMO and organic. We are very excited to be able to offer such a great product to the people in our valley! We have 21 varieties, each labeled with the name and location of their farm of origin.

We are happy to offer locally-produced seed potatoes and grass seed. All of our potatoes are Montana-grown, and several of our varieties come from the Flathead Valley. Additionally, we have two specially-formulated grass seed blends designed specially for our area's growing conditions and available only at Delaney's. All the rest of our bulk grass seed is also from a local company.

The staff is thrilled at the newest addition to our nursery yard: beautiful rock benches and fire pit. We have already had a couple s'more-making sessions! This rock work was created by a local tradesman, and their quality can be seen instantly. The benches have a baby-smooth finish on the seat. The fire pit is built on an all-steel frame and lined with fire bricks. All of these items are available for purchase in our store and would make a very impressionable addition to your yard.

Other artists that we are proud to feature include the greeting cards of two local photographers. Their photography is a perfect part of a gift for Mother's Day, and can be framed after the occasion! We also have a unique collection of local pansy art and stained-glass jewelry that would thrill any plant-loving mother.

The pansies featured in the artwork, along with all our other plants, are all home-grown in our greenhouse. We start the plants from seeds or tiny vegetative cuttings. We expertly care for them for two months before they are the impressive plants you see in our greenhouses every year. We strive to support our local businesses and keep your gardening supply as local as possible! We use local distributors and producers whenever we are able, and we are happy to give you the ability to support local trade!

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