Summer Gardening Problems

Aside from this rainy Father's Day, we are coming out of the cooler spring weather and into the hotter summer temperatures. While this is good news for our sun-starved bodies, this can bring out some common summer problems in the garden. This can include fungal outbreaks, bug infestations, and troublesome weeds. We can provide the tools to fix these problems!

The most common fungal outbreak at this time of year is powdery mildew, and this season brings particularly perfect conditions for such an outbreak to occur. If you start spotting what looks like flour deposits on the leaves of your plants, bring in a sample in a ziploc bag for our Certified Plant Professionals to analyze, diagnose, and treat your problem. This is also the time of year that fungus starts to appear on trees. Come talk to us about future fungal prevention on your fruit and ornamental trees.

There are many pesky bugs that appear in the summertime. Currently, most people are struggling with slugs, which has an easy and safe fix! Aphids are another common problem, and this year we have seen quite a large aphid hatch. We have live ladybugs and praying mantis eggs to help you naturally combat this damaging problem. We are also seeing the first sign of grasshoppers. Now is the time to fight them off! We can provide you with a natural bait that will infect and kill young grasshoppers, spreading the infection to the rest of the population through their cannibalistic behavior.

Are the weeds driving you crazy? Make your life easier with our tools and sprays. We have a handy tool that helps you to only spray the desired weed, helping you get planted beds under control. We have a wide variety of weed killers, with varying levels of residual. We can help you pick out a pre-emergent, enabling you to stop the weeds before they even sprout! Decrease your weeds and find the tools to fight them properly.

Always feel free to bring in your questions or samples of your problem to our Certified Plant Professionals for their expert advice!

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