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It's that time of year for garden planning. You're at home gazing at all your seed packets and wondering how you're going to keep the dozens of varieties organized until it's time to sow, or at least from sliding all over the place. We have collected some creative seed packet organization ideas over the years; many are simply re-purposed household items! Below are our favorites.

Clothes pins and string: Perhaps the most decorative way to organize your seed packets is to clip them with clothes pins onto a string. This is a great way to brighten up an otherwise bland office space, den, or kitchen. Clip them on separate strings by sow dates.

Photo Album Sheets: Photo album sheets are just the right size for most seed packets. The sheets not only display them so you can easily see both sides, but they protect them, too. Consider creating tabs in a binder and separate them by sowing date and by inside/outside sowing recommendations.

Shoe box: If you're really in a pinch, grab an old shoe box or any box the seed packets will fit in. Create tabs out of index cards to divide into categories to easily get at the seed packets you need.

Card catalog: Old-fashioned library card catalog-style wooden boxes give a vintage feel to your seed organization. You can find real ones at thrift stores, garage sales, or antique stores or reproductions online and in craft stores. Organize your seed packets with tabs to help you find particular packets when you are ready for sowing.

Shoe organizer: One of their employees organizes seed packets in a hanging shoe organizer by two criteria: sowing date and whether they are to be sown outside or inside. You'll be surprised at how many seed packets can fit in one shoe pocket!

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