Seed Sprouter Kits are Here!

We are excited to announce the arrival of a new line of seeds and sprouting kits! We have started carrying Botanical Interests seeds, and they are making their debut with seeds for growing sprouts. Do you like sprouts on your sandwhich? Yep, we have seeds for that. How about on your salad? Again, we have a great mix of sprouting seeds designed specifically for salads. We also have some great seeds for your health, including barley, wheatgrass, lentil and more!

These kits are pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. They have four compartments that can be used to grow multiple crops, so you can always have fresh sprouts or so you can have different varieties growing at one time. It also keeps your sprouts moist without sitting in water, so there is less mildewing. Finally, there are some great features that make watering and draining your sprouts as easy as possible.

I cannot wait to try growing my own sprouts! Growing you own saves money, ensures you always have fresh sprouts, gives you the opportunity to try new varieties, and allows you to know exactly what you are eating. Did you know that some commercial sprouting companies use bleach when they package their sprouts to keep them from mildewing? By growing my own, I know I am not injesting any chemicals that I do not want to be putting in my body. I encourage you to come check these cool kits out!

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