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Would you believe it is already time to start your tomato seeds? As you prepare your seeds, it is important to decide between the many varieties of tomatoes out there. How do you know which variety is right for you? Start with the tomato type. Tomatoes are categorized into two main types according to growth habit and production.

Determinate types grow in a compact bush form requiring little or no staking. Fruit is produced on the ends of the branches and most of the crop ripens at the same time. One or more successive plantings will ensure an extended harvest period. If you're looking for a hefty supply of ripe tomatoes all at once, say, for canning, determinate types are your choice. Additionally, many of the heirloom varieties are determinate. La Roma, and Celebrity are some of our staff’s favorite determinate tomatoes available in seed. We will have several other great varieties available in the greenhouse later in the season, such as Health Kick, Fourth of July and Glacier.

Indeterminate varieties continue to grow and produce fruit all season until first frost. Tomatoes in all stages of development may be on the plants at one time. The plants set fruit clusters along a vining stem that grows vigorously and long-typically about six feet in most home gardens. Some indeterminates have a bush form with stockier vines that set fruit clusters closer together. Early Girl, Sweet 100, and Beefsteak are productive indeterminate varieties.

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