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Did you wind up with wormy apples this last year? How about the frustrating Fire Blight infection on your peach tree? Did you know the best way to fight off most bugs and infections is when the tree is still dormant?

Our spring is coming very early this year, with some incredibly warm temperatures that are tricking trees into budding very early. That means that you need to be applying your dormant sprays now! The trick is to apply these sprays before the tree buds pop open, but not when its cold enough for the spray to freeze on the tree.

The two important components to a dormant spray are horticultural oil and a copper fungicide. At Delaney's, we sell the Monterey Horticultural Oil and Liquid-Cop copper sulfate spray. These two sprays can be used conjunctively or seperately. You can mix them in the sprayer or spray them seperately, depending whether you care about being able to save the excess by putting it back in its bottle. We also have a spray specific to fire blight if that has been a past problem.

Dormant spray will not eliminate your need to spray later in the season, but it will greatly cut down on spray applications you have to do in the summer. The horticultural oil chokes out the eggs laid by bugs the previous season and is 100% organic, so you can cut down on your use of synthetic sprays on your fruit while it is developing! The copper sulfate is important for bacterial and fungal infections; these can be almost impossible to beat during the growing season, so you are better off to battle them now. If you have a cherry tree and live in the quarantined area around the lake, you are required to spray your tree or they can legally come in to chop your tree down.

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