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Bare Root Trees

The most important act in the successful care of your new plants is the method of planting. Many valuable plants are lost each year because the correct planting techniqwue was not used. The method of planting used depends on the form the roots are in when you purchase them. The method that will be talked about in today's blog post will be bare root. By following the step-by-step instructions listed below, you can help your plants get off to a faster, healthier start! Thse are general guidelines, and cannot address efvery situation. If yours is unique, be sure to ask us! Remember, only you can control the care your plants recieve after leaving the nursery. PLEASE call us at Delaney's for further instructions if your plant is looking unhealthy! Often the solution is a simple maintenance procedure, whcih can save a plant if caught in time.

Planting Guidelines

Exercise care that the roots remain moist at all times! They must never dry out!

1. Remove all packaging material before planting.

2. Check to make sure roots are moist and alive. Lightly prune tips of the roots.

3. Soak roots in a solution of Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator and water while preparing planting


4. Dig a hole about twice as wide as the roots when spread laterally, and deep enought to be 6"

below roots when planted. Be sure to not over-dig the hole!

5. Make a backfill mix of approximately 2/3 sandy loam soil, and 1/3 compost of peat moss.

Place a "cone" of backfill soil for roots to rest on and around in the planting hole.

6. Set plant in hole so that soil will come to level of original soil mark on plant and backfill with

planting mix. Add Agrilform planting tablets about 1/2 way up in the planting hole. Be sure to

moisten soil before backfilling.

7. Water slowly and throughly. This not only waters the plant but also helps eliminate any air

pockets. Thoroughly drench root area with Root Stimulator solution.

8. Using soil mix, form a water basdin (berm) around the hole to aid in watering.

9. Prune branches back 1/3 to help balance top grwoth and root system (thsi may have already

been done for you).

Many roses, shade, and fruit trees are sold this way. Bare root trees are 20% off at Delaney's right now, so buying them this way saves you money! You can buy bare root trees right now and it is also a great time to plant them because it gives the trees the whole growing season to grow.

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