Asparagus, Strawberries, Glad & Dahlia Bulbs are here!

Asparagus, strawberries, glad and dahlia bulbs are now available at Delaney's Landscape Center. Stop in today to see what we have and to buy what you need for the 2015 growing season. Looking for a little more information? See below on what we offer at Delaney's.


We currently offer two variaties of asparagus at Delaney's. We have Mary Washington and Jersey Knight. Mary Washington is one of the most popular types of asparagus. It yields well, survives under our conditions in Montana, and is rust resistant. Mary Washinton is typically picked from female plants. The all-male strain we offer is Jersey Knight. The Jersey Knight typically yields more than the Mary Washington.


We have four varieties of strawberries. We have Allstar, Tristar, Fort Laramie, and Eversweet. Tristarts are day-neutral and produce medium sized fruit with a glossy, deep red color. They have a excellent sweet flavor that is great for eating fresh, preserving, or freezing. Allstars are June bearing and produces some of the largest berries of any strawberry available. The glossy red berries are bursting with flavor and the plants are vigorous, hardy, and easy to grow. Fort Laramie strawberries are everbearing and are large fruit, although not as large as the June bearing fruit like the Allstars. They are bright scarlet-red berries with an outstanding flavor. They can be used in hanging baskets. Eversweet are also everbearing and are large sweet berries with good flavor. The plants are heat tolerant and great for patio planters.

Glad & Dahlia Bulbs

We have several varieties of dahlia bulbs. We have Purple Gem which is a cactus dahlia, Fire & Ice that is peony-flowering, Ariko that is a specialty dahlia, Barbaross that is a dinnerplate dahlia, Kalinka that is a decorative dahlia, Show 'n Tell that is a dinnerplate dahlia and Kennemerland that is a cactus dahlia. All these dahlia bulbs bloom mid Summer through Fall. They are partial to full sun flowers. We have several varieties of glad bulbs also. We have Good Golly Tamale that is a butterfly glad, Sunrise that is large flowering, Vista that is large flowering, and Far West that is large flowering. All of the glad bulbs bloom mid Summer and are full sun to partial sun flowers.

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