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Did you know that all fertilizers are not created equal? In fact, some of the most known fertilizers, such as Miracle Grow, are produced in China and very unreliable. At Delaney's, we use Jack's Classic, which is made in the USA and of much higher quality. Ever wonder how we get such beautiful annuals? Jacks Classic!

This year, we have brought in Jack's slow release fertilizer, Classicote. It is similar to Osmocote, but a much better slow release fertilizer. Not only do you get more for your dollar, but it also is safe to use around animals. Did you know that Osmocote added an ingredient to their formulation that is poisonous to ruminent animals such as deer and cows? Now, anytime it rains the Osmocote releases toxins that can kill these animals. It is for this reason we have decided to completely drop the Osmocote line and only carry Classicote.

At Delaney's, we mix our fertilizer based on soil tests and specific needs the plants are exhibiting each week. Our base, however, is always built from Jack's Classic Petunia Feed. The reason we choose the petunia feed is because it is slightly acidic. Our water in the Mission Valley is very basic, and over time can cause the pH of the soil to creep up and out of the optimal range for plant growth. This happens very quickly in containers and baskets. Using the petunia feed helps keep the pH perfect for your plants and provides them with food at the same time! Note that geraniums will do better with the Blossom Booster and veggies with the All Purpose.

As always, come in to Delaney's for you questions about fertilizing or your plants. We are happy to show you our methods of fertilizing that make feeding your plants and obtaining top results easy!

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