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The bugs are coming, are you prepared to wage war? This season is an exceptionally early season, and we are already seeing tent caterpillars, aphids, and other bugs out in droves. With all this warm, dry weather, we are also preparing ourselves for a nasty grasshopper season. We are encouraging everyone to give their plants a good inspection - look out for the formation of webbing, chewed leaves, curling leaves, or the presence of bugs. We have ways of battling these pests, from releasing ladybugs, spraying with certified organic sprays, or waging all-out war with systemic pesticides. We also have the OMRI certified Semaspore Bait to battle the grasshoppers. Now is the most effective time to fight them, as they are cannibalistic and will eat their dead young, thereby spreading the infection and decreasing the population. Come in and talk to us about bug control on your trees, shrubs, veggies, perennials and annuals!

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