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May 20, 2015

After spending so much time, energy, and money on our gardens, nothing can be more fustrating than watching deer eat away at them. It seems like deer eat everything in sight, but they do in fact have favorites. There are also plants that they tend to avoid. Based on research, deer tend to avoid toxic plants, fragrant or aromatic plants, fuzzy leaves on plants, prickly leaves or stems, and ornamental grasses.


Here are some perennials that deer tend to avoid and the ones our staff here at Delaney's recommend for our area and the ones we provide.


    Carpet Bugle

    Artemisia or Wormwood


    Creeping Lamium


    Maiden Grass




    Russian Sage

    Solomon's Seal




Remember that these plants and other plants are never 100% guaranteed to be deer resistant. If they have to, deer will eat just about anything.


If you would like more information about saving your lawn and garden from deer, check out our upcoming seminar series on the topic. June 4:  Deer - Save Your Yard from these Pests!






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