Raising the Next Generation of Gardeners

This greenhouse season, our plant professionals took over 100 students on tours of our greenhouse and nursery, giving them a hands-on learning experience with plants. Through the course of these field trips, the kids are able to feel the trichomes (hairs) on a plant leaf that ward off insects, taste the edible herbs such as mint, stevia, and chives, smell the deer-resistant flowers, walk amoung fruit trees, see the difference in tree leaves, feel the roots of grass, and finish up with learning how to plant their own special flower to take home. Delaney's donates our staff's time to this great learning endeavour as we recognize the importance of such an experience in a child's excitement, retention and understanding of the biological world. We often talk about ecology, biology, plant taxonomy, health and other important topics in our tour.

We feel it is important to inspire kids to help their parents outdoors, learning to grow their own food and be active. We know that it is important to their health and developement, and we hope to get them excited to garden now and in the future. We are a family-owned and family-run business, so children are always an important part of our company culture. We have many of our employee's children who come to help out and learn to plant at young ages in our greenhouses.

At Delaney's, we are also excited to have a wide selection of durable children's tools, including shovels, trowels, wheel barrows, gloves, and much more. We feel that parent's shouldn't have to decide between tools that will hold up and tools that their kids like. Our Melissa and Doug tools are metal and cute, so everyone is happy and excited to get to work in the garden!

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