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Most of us like to keep our flowers blooming and looking good all summer. For some flowers, it is important to deadhead them to keep them looking good. For example, roses and perennial salvia are two types of flowers that need to be deadheaded to encouarge new growth.

Most roses are blooming now and we would like to keep it that way. To keep roses blooming, we recommend deadheading them. Once all the petals have fallen off, you should cut the flower stem down to the first group of five petals that you see on the stem. In a couple of weeks, you should start to see your roses blooming again.

While you are deadheading, we also recommend checking for holes in your rose's leaves. This can signal that caterpillars are eating away at your rose. Delaney's offers traditional and organic insecticide options to stop caterpillars from munching away at your roses.

Perennial salvia is also one that needs to be deadheaded. It is not a continous blooming plant, so it needs to be deadheaded for new growth to come up. Once you notice a flower stalk beginning to fade and the petals are falling off, it is time to cut it back to allow new growth to begin. After a few weeks, you will have new flowers blooming.

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