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Is your lawn turning brown? Do you continue to water it, feel like it is drowning, yet patches still it look dead? Well, it is time to look for grubs.

Grubs feed off your lawn's roots, making the grass appear to not be getting enough water because the grass can no longer take up any water. Luckily, checking for grubs is relatively easy. All you have to do is take a shovel or a good trowel, cut through the sod and check under the layer of dead grass. If you see any grubs or other creatures, you know what is causing your problem.

We have several products that will treat grubs, including several organic options. It depends on what your grub is and how you want to treat it. When in doubt, bring some of the grubs in to our plant professionals in a sealed Ziploc bag so we can take a look at it and direct you. Lawn grubs are a common problem in this area, and are appearing more frequently now that it is getting hot and the greass is needing more water.

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