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It's hot, it's summer, you want to be out playing, but are you remembering to pay attention to your plants? As spring passes, it becomes harder to give your plants the attention that they need to continue looking their best, but it is especially important now to give them a little extra love.

When your hanging baskets and planters leave our greenhouse, we give them some slow release fertilizer. While this should help feed them all season, they receive a little less as time goes on. This is why it is important to give you plants some liquid feed in addition. The liquid feed fertilizer we use and recommend is Jack's Classic. It has macro and micro nutrients, is made in the USA and gives your plants nutrients in their most usable form. We have several different types to choose from in our store, so use your Delaney Dollars to pick up what will work best for you.

What about your veggies? Most are bearing fruit or getting close, so it is a good time to fertilize to increase yield. Did you know that we have an all-natural product that will sweeten your veggies? We have been trying the new product out on our own veggies, and we have the most incredible tomatoes, peppers, kale and cucumber we have ever tasted!

It may seem obvious, but it is very important that you stay on top of the watering with these hot days. Develop a watering schedule so you don't forget to water your plants, but continue to check them throughout the day. You want to avoid soaking them if they are already wet, but you want to water them well once they get dry. If you are going to be out all day and you know it is going to be a scorcher, don't hesitate to give your plants water in the morning to get through the day. Remember, you don't want to fertilize if the plants are super dry. You want to water them with clear water first, then fertilize on the next watering when they are no longer so stressed.

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