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I have been diligently fertilizing my plants all season with my Jack's Classic Fertilizer. I have a large number of veggies, and a few flowers to add some color. In order to get vigorous, healthy vegetable plants, I had been using the All Purpose 16-16-16. However, I had observed a couple weeks ago that my flowers were not blooming well and my vegetable plants had decreased their production. I decided to switch to the Jack's Classic Blossom Booster 10-30-20. This is a less balanced fertilizer that helps push bloom production. I am happily seeing a vast improvement in my flowers and miraculously have about 15 new peppers showing up on my plants! While we typically recommend a balanced All Purpose fertilizer in the fall for you perennials and lawn, it is important to pay attention to your plants and what they are telling you they need. In my case, my plants needed more phosphate and potash, which help them produce strong, healthy blooms and fruit, and less nitrogen - my plants are past the growing stage and have entered the production phase. Remember that annuals differ from perennials in that their goal is to produce as much seeds as possible to spread for the next year, so rather than focusing on root growth and getting the plant prepared for dormancy this time of year, we want to continue to encourage it to bloom until it dies at the end of the season.

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