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It is the season for family dinners, holiday parties and hosting. What better centerpiece or gift for the host than a poinsettia? They are beautiful, festive, living gifts that come in all sorts of colors. We have full, healthy poinsettias hand-picked by Twila. If you are thinking you are wanting a poinsettia, here are a couple easy pointers for taking care of it:

Keep your poinsettia in an area that receives direct sunlight druing the day and at a room temperature of 68-70 degrees. Water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch, but do not let is sit in standing water. Use a large shopping bag to cover the poinsettia when transporting it - they are sensitive and you do not want to expose them to cold wind or temperatures below 50 degrees. When you place it inside your house, make sure it is not getting hit by cold drafts or a heating vent. Finally, fertilizing is always a great way to make plants happy, but poinsettias require very specific nutrient and light balances to bloom. Feel free to fertilize your plant with a well-balanced, all-purpose fertilizer once it is done blooming, but refrain from fertilizing it now.

Last but not least, enjoy this token of holiday cheer!

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