Welcome to Our New Seed Company!

We are proud to now have Botanical Interests seeds available in our store. This Colorado seed company features some different vegetable varieties, to give you the widest variety selection in the valley. They are a family-run business focused on helping the consumer grow the best vegetables for their family. Check out the following tips for reading their seed packets, which are loaded with all sorts of valuable information.

Choose the right variety for your garden! Botanical Interests' seed packets help you make decisions with information at your fingertips.

When shopping, you're probably thinking about your garden space. The front of our packets answer the basic questions right away, including sun exposure, growing season, bloom periods, and days to harvest. We also tell you briefly, why we love this variety and think you will, too.

The back of the packet tells you whether you should start inside or sow outside, and when to sow based on your average last frost date. The plant tag (which you can cut out and secure to a garden stake) tells you exactly how to sow the seeds-how deep into the soil and how far apart. The reverse side of the plant tag shows an image of the seedling to help you identify it when it emerges. Once your seeds are sown, open up your packet and you will find even more information about growing your plants, such as how and when to fertilize or transplant. Get even more inspired by the history of the plant, recipes, and tips on keeping your cut flowers and harvested vegetables fresh. Having the right information is the first step in being a successful home gardener!

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