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Do you love eating fresh fruit, hand picked off your own tree? If you do, you know how important it is to keep the fruit worm free and the tree healthy. The most effective way of insuring your fruit harvest this year is to apply dormant spray now.

Dormant spray will greatly reduce the number of sprays you need to do during the season, cutting down on your effort, the amount of chemicals used and increase the in-season spraying effectiveness. It is also the only way to treat certain diseases that can wipe out your fruit trees during the summer.

It is vital that you complete the dormant sprays before the tree leafs out, with the most effective time being as the buds are swelling. You also want to spray it when the weather is nice; you don't want it to freeze on the tree, blow away during the spraying process, or be rained off before it dries.

There are two components to a dormant spray. The first is the horticultural oil, which is an organic mineral oil that will smother out insect eggs that were laid in the previous season. The second is copper sulfate, a natural compound that prevents fungal and bacterial disease, and helps thwart insects.

You do not want to forget to use dormant spray! Come in and talk to our experts to get lined out and to protect your investment!

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