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So it's that time of the week for our gardeners pro tips for you.This week we are going to talk a little bit about doing your fall maintenance.With all your plants starting to head into there dormant period they start changing into those beautiful fall colors we love so much.After the change in color though they drop there leaves and go dormant.This is a excellent time to start pruning them.When doing your pruning in the fall it's best to prune about half of the plant for deciduous shrubs.Pruning the plant in this manner will ensure that next year the plant will grow in a symmetrical form for next year.This is a must in Spirea and Potentilla shrubs! Other than fertilizing your evergreens with some iron there is not much you need to do with them they are a late spring pruner.As for your trees though I would strongly recommend wrapping them in tree wrap a good saying is "on with the turkey off with the ham" meaning put your guards and tree wraps on no later than Thanksgiving and taking them off on Easter. For all your leaves that you pick up that is perfect compost!!! Most of your perennials can be pruned down to the ground for the most part when they have all died back, and for your ornamental grasses leave them for the fall and winter and prune them in the spring.Thats all for this week guys till next time and we will see you in the garden!

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