Tips for the Holidays

Hello again everyone the holiday season is here and with it bring all the colors the smells and the bringing together of families and friends. Some of you out there like to have a fresh cut tree in your homes for the holidays but do you know the proper care techniques for keeping that beautiful tree looking great for weeks after purchasing it? Well I'm here to give you some helpful hints and techniques that will help keep your tree as fresh as possible! Lets start by when you first get your tree home, before setting your tree in the stand you will want to saw off the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the tree. This will allow the tree's pores to open and allow for water to be absorbed into the tree. Watering your tree is critical with lights on it and the dryness of your home they can soak up a gallon in 24 hours! You will want to keep your tree away from any heat sources in your home in fact the cooler the area the longer your tree will last. The best place for a tree in your home is a large area preferably by a large window as the window will help keep the tree cool.

After the holiday season is over you don't just have to get rid of your tree there are a lot of uses for an old Christmas tree. First you can use that old tree as a staging for birds by setting it up next to your bird feeder. Also I like to personally cut up the tree and the limbs and save them by wrapping them up in a chord and storing them somewhere dry for the next year then burn it in fireplace as Yule logs. You can also use your old tree as mulch, if you have a chipper or have access to one mulch up your old tree. If you like some crafts to do on these cold winter months you can always cut the trunk of the tree up and make coasters, ornaments, or fun wood burning art projects for the whole family! You can also save some of the sprigs off the tree and put them into scent bags.

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