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With the truly hot days of summer upon us, keeping our garden, trees, and lawn looking green and alive is a must. For most of us, we don't want to spend a fortune on our water bill just to keep our yard looking amazing, which means saving water is always a great option. Here at Delaney's, we have quite a few products to help you save on your water bill and to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful.

The first product we offer is Revive. It comes in two different options, a granule and a liquid concentrate. The granule comes in a 25 pound bag and can cover 5000 square feet. The liquid comes in a 64 ounce bottle and can cover 2000 square feet. Revive is a soil treatment designed to save water. Revive works to improve water penetration into the soil making more water available to the plant roots, allowing more time to pass in between waterings. Revive's formula is fortified with iorn also. The iron works to create a greener and thicker lawn.

The next product offered at Delaney's to help reduce waterings is Hydretain Es Plus. It is a root zone moisture manager. This product helps reduce the watering of lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. This product is offered in a concentrate. We have two sizes, gallon and quart.

Another great product offered at Delaney's is not specifically used to help reduce waterings, but used to protect your home from the threat of fires. With the hot weather comes a greater chance of fires beginning. To help protect your home from the danger of fires, use Phos-Chek Home Defense Fire Retardant. This is a long-term fire retardant and it will stop potential fires before they reach your home. We have 0.75 gallon concentrate size available.

The final product we offer at Delaney's to help in the conservation of water is rain barrels. Rain barrels are a great option for a few reasons. They benefit you and the environment, you can use the water collected to water plants, wash cars, fill water features, and more, the water collected is great for watering plants because it is nutrient rich rain water, and the water collected is free and unrestricted water. We have for sale 100 and 50 gallon rain barrels. We also have many of the attachments needed to set up a successful rain barrel like rain diverter, complete diverter kits, barrel spigot kit, and barrel connector kit.

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