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August has just begun, but Fall is closer than ever, and it is important to start preparing trees, especially young trees, for the changing season. As Fall approaches, bucks will soon begin rubbing against trees with their antlers. It is important to take the time and the money to protect your trees, and your investments, against the harm of rubbing.

We recommend buying trunk guards to put on your trees. These will help protect your trees and to keep them safe from bucks rubbing their antlers on your trees. We also offer deer fences and numerous types of deer repellents to keep deer off your property and away from your trees.

Young trees and Aspens, a favorite of deer, are especially vulnerable to buck rubbing. If bucks do get to your tree, it can be potentially fatal. If the buck only rubs on one side, the rubbing will affect the overall health of the young tree, create scaring on the tree, and make the tree look unsightly. If the buck is able to rub all the way around the tree, the tree will unfortunately be killed and there won't be anything you can do.

You also want to keep the trunk guard tight to keep rodents from being able to live inside of the truck guard and to girdle the tree. And a reminder, when it is Spring, you will want to remove the truck guard

The only way you can protect your tree from buck rubbing is to prevent it with tree guards. Stop into Delaney's today to see the tree guards we offer, along with the other types of deer repellents we carry. Also, learn more about how to prepare your trees and yard for winter!

We have multiple sizes of trunk guards!

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