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Just as the name states, peach leaf curl results in curled, deformed and unpleasant looking leafs. Our tree experts have had many customers coming in frustrated with these curled, distorted leafs forming on their peach trees.

Peach leaf curl is a very common fungus that can affect peach trees. Spores form on the leafs, causing them to curl and become distorted, while also turning the leaves different colors, from yellow and orange to purple. Cool and wet weather when leaves are beginning to open create the right environment for peach leaf curl to form.

Unfortunately, peach leaf curl can't be treated until the fall, when the leaves start falling off the tree. It is important to remove all of the fallen leaves and fruit from around the base of the tree. Either burn it or throw it away, as the spores can remain dormant and affect other trees. It is important to then spray the tree with a fungicide like Liqui-Cop. We also recommend spraying the tree again in the spring to prevent peach leaf curl from forming again, right before the buds on the tree begin breaking.

For more advice, stop in today and the experts at Delaney's can help you out! See you in the garden!

Healthy peach trees in our Nursery

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