Dig It® Handwear

What is the one thing you look for in a pair of gloves? Durability? Style? Price? Comfort?

The co-founders of Dig It® Apparel were interested in all these things, but specifically, they were looking for gloves that wouldn't ruin their manicure while they were gardening or doing DIY projects. They came up with the idea for Dig It® Handwear when they were unable to find any gloves that fit their needs. They wanted to create a glove specifically for women that would protect their nails and hands while also being stylish and functional.

Dig It® Apparel has created "the first working glove to protect your nails." The gloves are stylish, durable, comfortable and available at a reasonable price. The gloves feature "pillow-top tips" built into each fingertip that are made to protect your manicure. These gloves have been made to help you work hard while keeping your nails and manicure looking beautiful!

Interested in a pair of gloves? Stop into Delaney's today and pick up a pair!

To learn more about how Dig It® Apparel was founded, visit their website: https://digitapparel.com/pages/our-story

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