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When you plant your trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers, you want them to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. One way to achieve that is by adding mycorrhizae to them when planting.

Now, what is mycorrhizae? Mycorrhizae is a beneficial soil fungi that forms a relationship with a plant's roots and colonizes the them. The fungal roots can grow faster and longer, while also being smaller than a plant's roots. The fungal roots can reach more water and nutrients in the soil than the plant roots can as a result. Mycorrhizae is the plant communication network.

Photo courtesy of Myke brochure

It may seem like the plant is getting all the benefits and the mycorrhizae is doing all the work, but the two actually have a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship. As noted above, the plants receive many benefits from the mycorrhizae, specifically nutrients. While the mycorrhizae are living underground, they are unable to harvest sunlight to produce food. The sugar from plants keep the mycorrhizae fed.

Delaney's is selling mycorrhizae from the company Myke. We have two different kinds, one for vegetable and herbs and one for trees and shrubs. This OMRI certified product is natural and can produce healtheir and more vigorous plants. Mycorrhizae helps plants be better off on their own and helps plants get more water by itself. Adding mycorrhizae to your plants is perfect for during these hot, dry summers in Montana.

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