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The hot summer days are upon us. Not only are we feeling the heat, but so are our plants. To make sure our shrubs, trees and other plants make it through the summer, it is important to ensure that they are getting enough water.

For newly planted shrubs and trees, the first year is the most important year. The plant needs to become established in it's new home in order to help it survive it's first winter. It is best to water shrubs and trees about two to three times a week, depending on the soil the plant is in. During these waterings, it is better to give the tree or shrub a deep soak, rather than just a little bit of water. A good benchmark for a deep soak is to give trees 20-50 gallons of water, shrubs 5-10 gallons, and perennials 2-5 gallons.

Watering newly seeded lawns is also important. It is best to water these lawns everyday. A good benchmark for how much a new lawn needs is about a inch of water a week.

While watering is extremely important, it is crucial to not overwater your plants. It is always easier to bring back a plant from underwatering than from overwatering. This does not mean don't water your plants. Keeping up on watering is vital during these hot summer days, but be careful to not water too heavily.

Delaney's offers many products to make watering your lawns, shrubs, trees, perennials and even annuals easier. We carry an extensive inventory of irrigation parts. Come into Delaney's to find a missing piece or let us help you create a drip irrigation system. If you don't want to spend the time putting in an irrigation system, our landscape team is available too.

Delaney's also carries a variety of sprinklers and hoses. We also have a wonderful product, Revive, that increases water absorption, thus reducing watering needs. It even makes your lawn greener! Revive is a favorite product of many of our customers!

Stop in today to find the products you need to keep your lawn and garden hydrated through these hot summer days! See you in the garden!

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