Summer Blooms

August 1, 2018

It is hot outside and the plants are feeling it. Have your annuals started looking a little sad? Or are your spring blooming plants not flowering anymore?


Keep your yard and garden looking fresh and colorful with shrubs that bloom during the summer months of July and August. Delaney's has a variety of shrubs that enjoy the hotter weather and are in their full glory during the summer. These shrubs typically bloom after the fourth of July and can give a pop of color to a worn-down looking yard. Scroll down to learn about some of our favorite summer blooming shrubs.



    - we carry both the tree and shrub

    - these shrubs a wonderful fragrant flower

    - the hydrangea does well in morning sun or a shaded area.


























    - these bushes smell amazing

    - we carry pink and white flowered shrubs

    - these shrubs attract hummingbirds

























    - this shrub has fragrant flowers that bloom in July and August

    - it has attractive seed clusters in the winter

    - this shrub enjoys full sun


























    - this bush is just about to bloom

    - it is a hardy, flowering shrub

    - blooms in late summer through fall

























Butterfly Bush

    - flowers from mid-summer until fall

    - attracts butterflies

    - very fragrant flowers that are great for fresh bouquets


























    - we have 20+ varieties to choose from

    - the birds, bees, and butterflies all love roses

    - you can find roses in many colors, making them the perfect option to add lots of color to your garden.

























    - attracts bumblebees

    - shows good deer resistance

    - flowers bloom in midsummer and cover the whole plant




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