Tip of the Week

If your lawn is looking less green than usual, or not as green as you want it to look, it may be time to fertilize.

Early Spring until about Labor Day is a great time to put on a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer. This type of fertilizer will green up your lawn, promote better growth for a luscious lawn, and help your lawn with environmental stress. When applying your fertilizer, be sure to water in your fertilizer well so that the fertilizer works it way down into the soil. See below for some of the high nitrogen lawn fertilizers we carry.

Delaney's has two other products worth mentioning that are perfect for using on lawns and keeping them healthy and happy. The first, Revive, is a soil treatment that is designed to save water. Revive makes better use of water, meaning you can water your lawn less, and moves fertilizer deeper into the roots. Revive also has a green lawn formula included to help your lawn become greener and thicker. Delaney's carries the liquid and granular options for Revive. The second product is liquid Humic Acid. Spray humic acid in four week intervals to reduce the stress your plants and lawn faces due to infrequent watering, while maximizing the vitality of your garden and lawn. Humic acid may also aid in the uptake of micro-nutrients. Delaney's carries three sizes of the liquid humic acid.

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