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Today, our tip of the week will focus on spider mites. Spider mites are tiny plant-eating mites that look like a small spider, thus the name spider mite. These pests are fond of dry and warm conditions, and dislike wet conditions, and can spread rapidly when the conditions are right. Accordingly, this time of the year, July and August, are when spider mites tend to be the most active.

These small pests affect indoor and outdoor plants alike. These pests are very small, so they can be difficult to spot. You can identify spider mites by the webbing they spin and then you can notice the small bugs moving around frantically. You may also notice that your plant's leaves aren't looking their best. That is because spider mites are busy sucking the nutrients out of your plant. If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see that the dahlias are covered in spider mites and their webbing.

Spider mites can cause a lot of damage to a plant in a short amount of time, so it is important to look for them and when identified, to take care of the problem quickly. Spider mites are small, so they can attach to other insects, like ants, flies, and wasps, and move from location to location. Spider mites are also able to float with the wind or attach to other things, like clothing, in order to find a new home. To prevent spider mites, keep an eye on your plants, sanitize any cutting tools that are used on an affected plant, and immediately dispose of any cuttings from an affected plant.

If you have spider mites, Delaney's does carry a wide arrange of products to help kill them. We have numerous sprays, including some that are organic. We also have sprays that are specifically for houseplants. Come into Delaney's today to talk to a expert about any problems you have or pick up a spray to kill any pests you may have!

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