Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and with it brings all the colors and smells of the season. One of best smelling items of the season is a live Christmas tree in the home. Many people enjoy having a fresh cut tree, but sometimes struggle on how to properly care for their tree and keep it looking healthy and beautiful weeks after purchasing it and in time for Christmas day. This post will discuss some helpful hints and techniques that will help keep your tree as fresh as possible!

After you have picked out the perfect Christmas tree, you will likely take it home and put in right into your tree stand. The first thing you should do before setting your tree in the stand is to saw off the bottom two to three inches of the tree. This will allow the tree's pores to open and allow for water to be better absorbed into the tree. Next, we all know that it is important to water our live Christmas tree, but do you know just how vital it is? Watering your tree is critical due to all of the Christmas lights on it and with the dryness of your home. If you don't water your tree, the tree will dry out, and the Christmas lights can quickly cause a dry tree to go up into flames in seconds. Christmas trees can also soak up to a gallon in a day, so water is important to keep the tree looking happy and healthy! It is best to keep your tree away from any heat sources in your home and to keep your tree in a cooler area of the home in order to keep the tree lasting as long as possible. One of the best places for a live tree in your home is a large area, preferably near a large window as the window will help keep the tree cool.

After the holiday season is over, you don't just have to throw out your tree as there are a multitude of uses for an old Christmas tree. First, you can use that old tree as a staging for birds by setting it up next to your bird feeder. Next, a great idea is to cut up the tree limbs and save them by wrapping them up in a chord and storing them somewhere dry for the next year and then burning it in your fireplace as Yule logs. You can also use your old tree as mulch, if you have a chipper or have access to one to mulch up your old tree. If you are crafty, there are some great projects that can be done using an old tree. You can cut the trunk of the tree up and make coasters, ornaments, or use it for fun wood burning art projects for the whole family! You can also save some of the sprigs off the tree and put them into scent bags.

Stop into Delaney's to pick up a live Christmas tree (or even a fresh wreath) or to talk to one of our many experts! See you in the garden!

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