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What color is your thumb? Do you ever feel like it is the color of dead plants? Well, let me tell you about one plant that can change that: succulents! I recently returned from a month long vacation to find that my house plants were never watered. The one plant that survived the ordeal? You guessed it, my succulent. What is it about this plant that makes them virtually indestructible? What can you do with this miracle plant? Hold on for some succulent quick fact that you can use to impress your friends with later over a glass of wine.

Succulents are a desert plant, and therefore have evolved to be able to handle long periods without water. Some famous succulents include agave, aloe and cacti (although they are a special sub-group of succulents). They have developed a way of retaining water in their leaves, stems and roots, giving them a thick, fleshy appearance. Kids love them because they feel squishy and look like something from Avatar! They are pretty easy plants to care for given that they don't require much water, but you want to make sure to avoid over watering them. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings (don't let them get to the shriveled up and brown stage, either). Most people find planting them in a cactus or succulent potting soil blend that allows for greater water drainage helps to prevent overwatering. Overwatering can rot the roots away, causing irreversible damage, so if you are a kill-them-with-kindness kind of plant person, exercise some self restraint. Succulents also evolved to live in many different climates in the world, from Africa to America, so they can take colder temperatures than you would imagine. I had my heat turned down to 45 for the entire month and that baby is still kicking it! Do keep in mind that as a desert plant, they will love that miraculous glowing orb in the sky that the desert sees so very much of (it's the sun).

Want some fun ideas to do with your new favorite plant? Check out our Pinterest page! We have a ton of pins with some great ideas. From an indoor succulent wall, some fun and cute gift ideas, party favors, hostess gifts, or ways to spice up your decor in unique and fun fashions, the possibilities are endless. Or, you can copy me and place it on the tiny windowsill above the kitchen sink, giving me a warm taste of spring and a smile everytime I do the dishes. Enjoy!

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