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Are you feeling some spring fever? Thinking about starting some seeds indoors to get a jump on this growing season? There are many important tools for starting seeds indoors, including heat mats, humidity domes, and grow lights. We are going to focus this week on the reason grow lights can greatly increase germination and seed success by supplementing the hours your plants receive full spectrum light.

When starting your seeds indoors, light is one of the most important factors to creating a healthy, strong seedling. There are some seeds, usually very tiny ones, which receive part of their signals to germinate from light. These seeds should be only lightly covered or sprinkled directly on top of moist soil. Some seeds, usually larger ones, can have their germination inhibited by exposure to light. It is vital that these seeds are sown deep enough to be in complete darkness until germinated.

Ample light is also one on the major factors influencing the physical strength of seedlings. Sufficiently intense light of the right duration will make a shorter, stronger seedling than weaker light sources. A basic and adequate setup can be as simple as four fluorescent tubes, two cool and two warm spectrum, hung about one or two inches from the top of your seedlings. A timer will help you consistently deliver 16 hours or more of light per day.

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