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Thinking about all the delicious fruit you will be eating this summer from your fruit trees? To be able to enjoy your harvest, now is the time to be ensuring that your fruit trees are free of worms. Common pests include the Apple Maggot and the Cherry Fruit Fly.

The Apple Maggot will infest apples, plums, cherries, and pears. The adult flies will lay eggs in the fruit through holes that they have created. The maggots that emerge from the eggs are the problem because they have destroyed your fruit, making it inedible. There is no way to kill the maggots after the fruit has been infested, so it is important to kill the flies. A good way to detect the flies is to set up a trap, like Apple Maggot Traps. After detection of the flies, it is important to spray the tree to kill the flies.

The Cherry Fruit Fly is another common pest which infests cherries. The adult flies will lay eggs in the cherries. The eggs will hatch and the maggots will tunnel throughout the cherry. The worms can not be killed after the fruit has been infested, so the flies are the ones that need to be killed. One way to do so it so monitor and detect the emergence of the fruit flies with traps. Then, to use a spray to kill the flies.

We carry plenty of options of sprays, including organic sprays. To learn more about the Apple Maggot, the Cherry Fruit Fly, and how to care for your fruit trees, come into Delaney's and talk to one of our knowledgeable crew.

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