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Meet Our Professional Staff
Scroll down to meet Delaney’s thirteen permanent and a few of our numerous seasonal employees that are excited to be working with the plants. Their passion and fun personalities make Delaney’s a fun place to work and to shop! Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff: we have five employees with degrees in horticulture, four Montana/Idaho Certified Plant Professionals, several Master Gardeners, and others with impressive scientific backgrounds. We all love what we do and would be happy to help you with your landscaping problems or questions.


Twila Delaney
Owner, Grower
Twila was born near the center of the state in Moccasin, Montana. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, with an emphasis in Textile Merchandizing, from the University of Montana.

She went on to teach high school in Arlee and work as a fire spotter for the Forest Service, before deciding to return to school with her husband, Wes, for horticulture.

The two moved to California, where each earned degrees from Yuba College in horticulture, and Twila an additional degree in landscape design. They returned to the Mission Valley to start Delaney’s Landscape Service in 1980.

As the business has grown, Twila has developed a unique talent to design stunning flowering baskets and planters. Her experience in textiles, her education in landscape, and her qualification as a Montana Certified Plant Professional has helped train her artistic eye to find the perfect combination of plants, and her degree in horticulture allows her to grow strong and healthy plants. You can often find Twila back shaping a basket, performing tests to ensure plants have the proper nutrients, mixing up the in-house developed fertilizer, or departing her wealth of knowledge on customers.

Wes Delaney
Owner, President
Wes was born and raised on a farm in the Mission Valley. After graduating from Polson High School, he attended the University of Montana and earned a degree in Business Marketing.

For several years he traveled throughout the state working in the logging industry, until he and his wife, Twila, decided to return to school. At Yuba College in California, he obtained a degree in horticulture and landscape construction.

They moved back to Polson with their new baby, Jason, to start up Delaney’s Landscape Service in 1980. For over 30 years, the business has grown from landscape to a full service garden center, greenhouse, nursery, and landscape center. For all but the last few years, Wes ran the landscape division. In 2013, Wes handed his duties off to Jason and took a more active part in the greenhouse operations. As one of the Montana Certified Plant Professionals at Delaney’s, he specializes in pest and weed control, and has years of experience caring for his own orchard. He also is the man to find with irrigation and lawn care questions.

Jason Delaney
Landscape Project Manager
Before he was even in high school, Jason has been working for the family business and on the landscape crew. In high school, he was a valued foreman for Wes. After high school, Jason moved to Laramie and ran competitively for the University of Wyoming.

He obtained a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from UW and a Masters of Science in Structural Engineering from the University of California San Diego. He chose to work in his field for seven years, earning the professional engineer certification.

In 2013 he decided to move his family back to Polson to take over the landscape division of the family business. He now works as the project manager for all the Delaney’s landscaping projects and oversees the landscape operations. His years of experience have given him expertise in construction and irrigation. He is very talented in turning an idea or drawing into reality for a landscape.

Cheryl Reid
Landscape Designer
Cheryl grew up on a nursery in Hickory, NC and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in landscape design from North Carolina State University. She spent two years as a landscape designer in North Carolina before moving to Polson, MT in 2008 to join Delaney’s Landscape Center.

As the landscape designer for Delaney’s, she has spent the past years navigating the horticultural challenges unique to this area with help from the rest of the experienced staff, and earned her certification as a- Montana Certified Plant Professional.

She designs everything from small shrub beds to full residential landscapes, and is also an invaluable resource for plant identification and trouble shooting. She is looking forward to many more rewarding years here.

Mitchell James
Senior Landscape Foreman

Mitch is the head landscape crew manager with over 30 years of experience in landscape and building construction.





John Campbell
Green Goods Manager
A Montana native, John was born and raised in Polson. He started working at Delaney’s in 2001 and in 2003 he graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelors of Science in horticulture.

John uses his expertise to manage the trees, shrubs and perennials in the nursery yard. As a Montana Certified Plant Professional, he is very knowledgeable about plant diseases, identification, and any special requirements plants need to grow in this area.

He specializes in organic gardening, with experience growing organic produce on a more commercial scale. He is also an important part of Delaney’s landscape maintenance program, and uses his experience to ensure a landscape is performing at its highest potential. John also enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, motorcycles, and spending time with his wife and three children.

Colleen Kelley
Colleen was raised in Missoula, the middle of the three children of Richard and Mary Kelley from Hamilton and Florence, Montana, respectively. With both sets of grandparents operating ranches and farms, Colleen learned at a young age both the benefits and the anguishes of plant life.

She learned how to care for plants by helping her mother with the houseplants, outdoor plants, and maintaining plants for the Missoula and Polson farmers markets.

She graduated from Hellgate High School and obtained a Bachelors of Science from the ITT Technical Institute in Automated Manufacturing Electronic Engineering. After working on the east coast for a time, in 1987 she had the opportunity to purchase property next to her mother and return to Montana. She began working for Delaney’s in 1994 and has become a staple to the operation of the nursery. She excels in customer service, and is very enthusiastic to share her wealth of knowledge. She is a huge help with anything tree and shrub related. She loves living in Lake County and is passionate about keeping plants and the world beautiful.

Lynn Kelly
Lynn has been a staple in the education of generations of Polson’s kids, teaching science in the area for 38 years. She has a bachelors in Field Ecology from CalPoly San Luis Obispo, a teaching certificate from the University of Montana and a Masters in Fish and Wildlife Management.

To many of her students, she was known as the Montana Loon Lady in recognition of her efforts in loon protection. She is also an Emergency Medical Technician, so can be seen riding along on the local ambulance service.

As part of the Delaney’s team since 2015, she is a favorite among our greenhouse customers. She is a great resource when building your wildlife garden or designing a deer resistant area. Look for Lynn in our perennial plant area for some expert advice!

Julie Sampson
Accounting Manager
Julie grew up on a farm in Conrad, Montana. She received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Montana in 1995. Julie and her husband, Mitch, moved back to Mitch’s hometown of Polson with their two kids in 2005.

Julie previously worked for Bergh & DeVries, now Gage Accounting, for a number of years as a tax preparer and payroll preparer.

She joined Delaney’s in 2015 and is responsible for all -of the daily and year-end accounting that keeps Delaney’s up and running.

Scott Hall







Hired December 2021 as part of the new draftsman team at Delaney’s, Scottie was born in Montana, grew up in Mis-
souri and went to college in both Kansas & Utah.

He likes to spend his free time woodworking, fishing, and hunting. What kind of music does Scottie like? “Yes!” And
the Kansas City Chiefs never play a game without his cheering!
Scottie’s family encompasses “too many kids to list (ie, thirteen)”! His furry kids, Rusty & Minnie, have a tongue-lolling
time with Scottie and his wife, Ms. Cheri.

Tara Plog

April 2019 is when Tara came on board as the Admin Assistant for the Landscape Division at Delaney’s. Born in a small,
farming town in northeast Colorado, she earned a degree in Sydney, Australia, before moving to MT in 2014.
A self-proclaimed foodie and film critic—with film reviews online at leafnlens.weebly.com, Tara loves organizing at
work and refurbishing furniture at home. Broadway & blues tunes, Christian worship music, and Sting albums can be
found in her music collection!
Tara came to Montana to work with NAIM, a Christian ministry that works alongside First Nation people groups. Her

furry girl, Addie “the Adorable,” is a Staffie (ie, Staffordshire Terrier) who is “65 lbs of cuddle”! Tara’s two older broth-
ers live in Nebraska and Colorado.

Brandon Gilham








Erik Rodda

Erik was hired at Delaney’s in March 2022 as part of the landscape crew. He’s now a Landscape Crew Leader.

Born in MT and a local of Ronan, Erik’s many hobbies include indoor activities like coin collecting, reading, and swim-
ming. And outdoor activities like foraging (including mushrooms), hiking, and tree climbing! Baby-holding is a favorite

pastime, as well!
A rock-and-roll lover, Erik enjoys time with his girlfriend, Dawn, and her new baby girl, Elliana. And Xena (his dog) makes
the family is complete!

Eileen Evertz







Eileen started working for Delaney’s in April 2016 as part of the greenhouse crew. She’s now the Retail Store Manager.
A MT gal through and through, Eileen’s hobbies include camping and fishing (and sarcasm)!
Both a music fan (“everything but opera”) and a New York Yankees baseball fanatic, Eileen enjoys spending time with
her husband, Dave, three sons, Trav, Kell & Mo, and many “adopted & acquired others”. Luna (her dog), Zilla, Cosmo &
Sam (her cats) and Rib Eye (her cow) round out her family.

Julian Schonbrod








Gary Blount

Gary was hired in August 2022 as part of the new draftsman team at Delaney’s!
Gary went to school in Hawthorne, CA, and grew up in Horn Lake, MS. He notes his hobbies as “pretty girls, fast cars, and guns” and quotes Triumph: “The music does the talking / says the things you want to hear.”
A music maniac, Gary notes metal, rock, pop, soul, bluegrass, jazz, blues, rap, punk & country … as his favorites!
(“Eclectic mix, isn’t it!”)
Brought to MT by stunning Flathead Lake, English bulldogs, Eleanor (Ele, a 60 lb 1-year-old) and Bentley (Boo Bear, a 92
lb 7-year-old) are settling into Polson with their person nicely!









Ashton James







Ashton returned to work for Delaney’s on February 28th, 2021. A native of Polson, MT, she now works in both the green-
house and the store.

A true outdoors woman, Ashton loves camping and fishing—and cooking over an open campfire!
As both a music buff (“all of it”) and a Griz football fan, Ashton enjoys spending time with her partner, Brady, and two
kids, Aubrey and Joe.

Lava is Twila & Wes’ dog. He is almost always around to welcome you as you walk in the door, tail wagging and expecting a good pet.

We invite you into our greenhouses for some plant and pet therapy.



Tracker is Kelsie Delaney’s dog. Tracker stops by every once in awhile to greet customers.

He loves a good belly rub and loves to lay by the front door to greet every single customer that stops by.




Trigger is a former Delaney dog, having claimed Wes as her human.

She was with us until the end of 2018. She was always happy to greet you when you came into Delaney’s.