Our Nursery

Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and More!

We only buy the highest quality of nursery stock from reputable growers, and our plants are cared for by knowledgeable employees that constantly assess our stock against our high standards.  This means your new plant has the best performance potential, and that you have a great support group to help you care for your tree or shrub.

Delaney's Landscape Center, Polson MontanaDelaney's Landscape Center, Polson Montana Delaney's Landscape Center, Polson Montana

Whether you want an old garden favorite or something new and unique, we will have something to suit your tastes.  Ask any member of our knowledgeable staff to help you find just the right plant.  They will even help you load it!

John, our nursery manager, has a degree in horticulture from Montana State University and is a Montana/Idaho Certified Plant Professional. He, Colleen, and Jacob—who are well-versed in our plants and their cultural requirements—will be happy to answer any of your questions.  You will usually find them scattered throughout the nursery or perennial house watering, pruning, or checking plants to be sure you get the highest quality plant possible.  Our staff works hard to keep every plant healthy and ready for you to take home.

We know many people do not have the time, or equipment, to plant everything they would like to.  If you find a plant you like but can’t plant it for whatever reason, our landscape crew can do it for you!  Just let us know that you are interested in this service when you purchase the plant so that our landscape office can get you on the schedule.

Delaney's Landscape Center, Polson Montana Delaney's Landscape Center, Polson Montana
Delaney’s Nursery Warranty Policy

For over 35 years, Delaney’s Landscape Center has been providing the valley with the highest quality trees and shrubs available.  Our plants are viable and healthy at the time of sale.  We provide the knowledgeable staff to find the correct plant to fit your special needs, area and climate.

As part of our commitment to the success of your planting project, we guarantee our trees and shrubs.  If your tree or shrub dies within the first year due to plant failure, you can bring in your receipt with the dead plant, and we will honor our warranty with store credit.

For trees and shrubs purchased at Delaney’s nursery and planted by our landscape crew, the plant will be covered at full cost for the first year.  For a tree or shrub purchased at Delaney’s and not planted by our crew, the plant will be covered at full price for the first growing season and at half price for a year after the time of purchase.  Roses will be covered at full price until August 1st of the year of purchase.  There is no warranty on discounted items.

Please note, plant failure occurs over a long period of time.  A plant exhibiting a rapid decline typically indicates a problem with the plant’s care.  To prevent this, follow our planting and watering instructions carefully, and pay attention to any changes you see in the plant.  We cannot warranty a plant if our planting instructions are not followed. Our planting instructions are provided at time of purchase or can be found as a video on our website. If you start to see a decline in plant health, call or bring in pictures to our nursery crew.  Most problems can be easily remedied.  Please always talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members before digging up a plant.

Delaney’s cannot be held responsible for failure due to improper planting technique, owner negligence, irrigation system failure, animal damage, insects, disease, unusual weather conditions, or other conditions beyond our control.  If you have questions regarding the prevention of this type of damage, please contact us. If your plant were to develop into a magical beanstalk, please climb at your own risk.

Due to possible insect and disease contamination, we are not allowed to accept returns on plants after they leave the premises.  Therefore, all plant sales are final.

We appreciate your business.  Happy planting!

Delaney's Landscape Center, Polson Montana